If You Can Kneel Before God, You Can Stand Before Anyone

You are far stronger, competent, and talented than you could ever imagine. You are fully equipped to handle any adversity that comes your way. The question is, are you aware and do you realize your self-worth? Stop doubting yourself and take the leap of faith. You are resilient and capable; valuable and incredible. You can STAND before anyone because you know where your help comes from and who you are. Hold your head up even when depression tries to creep in and steal your joy. You have a winner, a mover and shaker.


Positivity Despite Circumstances

It can be difficult to think of something positive when dealing with a situation that causes stress and strain.  Having  a mental health condition and handling the daily pressure life can bring, can be overwhelming.  It truly takes a determined and positive mindset to remain in good spirits. For this reason, it is to your advantage to write down any positive statements that you see and post them in frequented areas in your home. 

 You must maintain a healthy mind and attitude toward life.  You have the power to turn your situation around and begin to feel better about yourself here are five positive statements you can begin to incorporate into your every day life.
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I Will Survive

I am determined to survive because my life is worth living.                                                                                                                  I am determined to survive because despite my circumstances I believe I can get better.                                                               I am determined to survive because there are people who love and support me.                                                                              I am determined because I know that my life will get better.

You Are A Champion

You are a CHAMPION, despite your circumstances. It is true that a depressed mind is splintered, fragmented, unstable and confused more often than not. However, you are valued and your life is important. For this reason it essential that positive thinking surrounds the mind and spirit. In order to conquer depression and begin living a more productive life there are key strategies. The following changes in your daily regimen can make a huge difference:

#1) Healthy eating

#2) Exercise

#3) Take vitamins

#4)  Get sunlight every day

#5)  Complete at least two productive tasks per day

This strategy of five alone can help to renew, recharge and rejuvenate your mind.

Fighting depression is extremely hard work and seeking professional help is advised if you are not feeling better over a two week period. It is important to obtain the wherewithal attitude about doing whatever it takes to get better.

You are worth it, you count, you matter and God cares. Your life has meaning and purpose and you are valuable. You are resilient because despite all you at going through,


You are someone who against all odds continues to fight to improve your quality of life. You are strong

Giving Up Is Never An Option





Keeping the Faith

Depression really takes a toll on your mind, body, and soul.  Depression is a condition that can easily become who you are; You have fought it for so long.  To then have faith; that you can overcome depression seems impossible.

However, faith is believing in a goal or promise; without actually know when or how it will come to pass.  The art of being faithful is a mindset and a resolve that the desires of your heart will come to pass.  It is therefore essential that  you exercise faith, when you believe there is no hope, you must exercise faith as if your life depends on it; because it may. Faith may be all that you have.

You must keep the faith, to keep your spirits up and to help you through the day. You must keep the faith knowing that you are never alone. You can do it, you will make it and we will survive.

Remember, keep the faith and giving up is never an option.



Be Bold and Daring

Put all of your faith in GOD; First. Secondly, put your faith in yourself; put your energy into yourself. Invest in yourself both financially and emotionally. Trust your instincts more; there is some truth there.

Take a leap of faith when you have weighed and considered the possible outcome; Be bold and daring. Expect good results and positive outcomes; you will produce more than you could ever imagine. Always remember you are somebody important and your opinion is valued.

To Win you must Swim


Sinking is struggling through the day and feeling as if you will always struggle.

Sinking is like falling into a dark abyss that leads to nowhere.

Sinking is like drowning in quicksand and not being able to climb out.

Sinking is like free falling and not being able to engage your parachute.

Sinking is never feeling caught up and always falling behind.


Swimming is running your hardest in a race no matter what strength the competition brings.

Swimming is fighting on even when the odds are stacked against you.

Swimming is choosing to float even though the tides are high.

Swimming is pressing on even though you have a cramp in your leg.

Swimming is staying the course despite the obstacles you are facing.

Swimming is refusing to give up even though you think about it so often,
Swimming is defeating the thoughts that continue to sabotage your life.

Are you sinking or swimming?


Everyone has sad days not just those who suffer from depression. However, depressed  individuals experience feelings of sadness and despair quite often. There is not always a definitive reason for the feeling it just exists. One of the biggest lessons I learned about depression is you have to come out swinging everyday to defeat this enemy. You must make a conscious effort daily to overturn the prevalent symptoms. Stay in the fight and combat this disease with your head held high and put on the full armor of God. You have what it takes to claim victory over depression. DON’T EVER GIVE UP!!

Seeking Peace

Learn to embrace a spirit of cooperation, collaboration and teamwork. It is so much easier to help resolve rather than create problems that produce stress and unfavorable results. I am a problem solver and seeker of peace in my dealings with my family, friends, co-workers and community at large.




It is an important part of life to know when to speak, stay silent, observe, reflect, and listen to the whisper within. There are so many thoughts and emotions entering the mind of a depressed person. It can really be hard to filter out those things that should roll off the back and not be given a second thought.  However, this is easier said than done.  At times when you are stuck in your world know as “emptiness,” you begin to feel helpless and wear your emotions on your sleeve.  You are easily offended and often take personal those things which were meant in jest.

There should be a mechanism in place that triggers how you respond to certain events in your life. It is likely that some people may not know you suffer from depression and because you feel depressed at any given time; you assume everyone must know you feel depressed.

Refrain from making important decisions when you are depressed and if you are dealing with personal issues it may be better to make a decision after 24 hours have passed; rather than make a decision when you are not at your best.