Positivity Despite Circumstances

It can be difficult to think of something positive when dealing with a situation that causes stress and strain.  Having  a mental health condition and handling the daily pressure life can bring, can be overwhelming.  It truly takes a determined and positive mindset to remain in good spirits. For this reason, it is to your advantage to write down any positive statements that you see and post them in frequented areas in your home. 

 You must maintain a healthy mind and attitude toward life.  You have the power to turn your situation around and begin to feel better about yourself here are five positive statements you can begin to incorporate into your every day life.

#1.)   I am important and my life matters.

#2.)  I will not longer allow negative thoughts and actions to affect how feel  about myself.

#3.)  Even if I feel down one day, I will fight the feelings by completing at  least two tasks everyday.              

#4.)  I may suffer from depression, but depression does NOT control me. 

#5.)  I am responsible for my own destiny and its up to me to realize my                       fullest potential.

The circumstances a depressed individual faces can be devastating.  It is truly a personal challenge to deal with the effects depression has on your life and the impact the condition has on your family. It is vital to stay in tune with your mood, exercise regularly and do not skip meals. In addition, to all of this please surround yourself around people who exude positivity.

It is critical to your emotional well being that you interact with others who are upbeat about life in general; always have a positive or inspirational word for you and demonstrate healthy values. You cannot afford to be adversely affected by friends or acquaintances who have too much drama in their lives that they can hardly function. You need to be around people with ambition, dreams, and confidence. Individuals who will speak words of wisdom into your life and help not hinder your progress.  Remember, “Giving up is never an option because you are an overcomer.”







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