Knowing You Are Worthy

Every single human being on this earth is worthy and has the right to experience happiness. Regardless of  sex, age, race, national origin, religion, or sexual orientation you must be afforded the opportunity to know and believe in your self-worth.

Anyone who belittles you, never has a kind word of encouragement or tells you of your insignificance is usually battling self-hatred and low self-esteem.  They are projecting their feelings on you because deep down they admire your tenacity and strength. They envy your popularity and how so many admire  your character and resilience.

You matter, you opinion counts and you are worthy. If you find yourself in a situation, relationship, marriage or friendship where you are not being validated for your uniqueness consider the pros and cons and determine whether its healthy and conducive to your personal growth and development. You are worthy and have the right to be free from harm, persecution, and ill treatment.

You must know you are worthy in order to make the choices a confident human being would make. Stand up for yourself and embrace your self-worth.

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