Depression is Predictable

One would imagine that if something is predictable its a positive thing. However, when it comes to depression it does not fair as well. The main reason is because if you are prone to a depressive episode due to your condition; you likely have to stay ahead of your game to survive. There are so many variables that need to be in place before you can even get out of bed. 

You must attempt to start every day with your best foot forward, with a positive spirit in your heart and the desire to accomplish the goals of the day.  You cannot afford to be the least bit affected by adverse news or a situation that can send you on a downward spiral. You have to guard your heart at all times and consider the cost of any decision on your mental health. It’s tough. But you have to find a way to keep your head above the water and your mental health at bay. 

If you know a certain person or situation causes you stress and strain you either need to set boundaries with that person; or consider eliminating them from your life altogether. Your mental health must be your primary focus because you have far more to lose; than someone who does not suffer from a debilitating disease that can cause life threatening thoughts. It is “ok” for you to become selfish and put your needs first. Remember, you are the breakthrough and the most important part of the equation.  GIVING UP IS NEVER AND OPTION!!


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