Depression and Adversity

Along the journey of life; every one of us will experience challenges, face obstacles and deal with adversity. The key to survival involves a variety of techniques, some common sense and an understanding concerning the ebb and flow of life in general. Consider this fact, we are always dealing with a challenge; whether it is personal, professional or impacts us because a loved one is dealing with an issue. 

This means you will more than likely have something on your mind that needs to be addressed, a goal you are trying to reach or a situation that calls for your attention.  In other words, never expect to not have some type of crisis in your life. Do not be alarmed by the word crisis. Its simply means something of a challenging nature. A crisis may range from miniscule to enormous; but the key factor is your response and approach. Some people turn every crisis no matter how to small into an ordeal. However, if we accept that adversity is a part of life we should be able to cope without allowing the crisis to consume our mind and thoughts.                                              

The way adversity in our lives is handled is directly related to our stress level. It is quite easy to conjure up thoughts that really do not exist or perceive outcomes that will not happen. By doing these things we increase our stress and often times become worked up over nothing. Adversity is a natural part of life that ultimately challenges our coping skills and causes us to figure out constructive ways to deal with issues. 

The true challenge before you is to figure out how to handle challenges that come your way effectively, without derailing your emotions thereby causing a setback in your emotional health. You have more to lose than anyone who does not suffer from a mental illness.  You must be conscious of your mental state at all times to keep your depression at bay.

“Giving up is NEVER an option.”




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