Battling Depression

Depression is only a part of the battle because there are many other variables that come into play. As one seeks treatment for depression and medication is subscribed, there are other issues that arise. Hence, the side effects from the medication which often include; headaches, upset stomach, insomnia, fever, loss of memory and focus, flu symptoms, and personality changes to name a few. It seems like a losing battle. 

If you don’t take the medication you will become emotionally sick; but if you take it you become physically sick. It feels like a bleak situation at best. You seem to be tired most of the time and the energy you manage to muster up is expelled in a short period of time. There are good and bad days; it can be a miserable existence. The most effective way to deal with the unknown is to increase your resiliency, remain determined, and fight for your life. 

No one can really fathom the painful life a depressed individual lives with day in and day out. It really takes tenacity to stay in the game and many just cannot and end up being classified as disabled. This disease can be quite complex and overwhelming to someone who know a depressive sufferer. The more you try to understand the disease the more compassionate you will become.

 Suffering from depression is more than just sadness; it’s the gut wrenching feeling of hopelessness.  This is why so many give up and take their own lives; it was more than they could bear. Glean some understanding from this post and not judge someone who suffers from depression. The most challenging issue they face every day is just getting out of the house, if they can do that one third of the battle is won. The second third is effectively interacting with others and the final third, is maintaining the strength and courage it takes    to do it again tomorrow.

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