The Best Is Yet To Come

The best is yet to come means your breakthrough is much closer than you can ever imagine. You have weathered the storm and made it to another year and you are still standing. Keep doing what you are doing and remember, “Giving up is Never an Option.”

Overcoming Is The Only Option

Recite Daily:

I may suffer from a mental illness, but it does not define who I am.

I do not have any other choice but to overcome my current situation.

I am a fighter, a winner, an overcomer.

I will keep going if I stumble, and if obstacles are placed in my way.

I will put on the whole armour of God; but allow Him to fight this battle.

I will get out of His way and Let go:  LET GOD!! 

Giving Up Is Never An Option



As much as individuals blame others for their lack of happiness, each one of us controls the destiny for our life. We can no longer blame others for the success or lack there of we experience. We must be accountable to ourselves and our friends should remind us that we have the capacity for happiness.

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Favor Is Coming My Way

Recite Weekly:

I receive forgiveness in my life and all is forgiven.

I receive a good report in my life.

I receive all the favor that is coming my way.

I receive all the blessings that are in store for me.

I am an overcomer, a conqueror and a winner.

There is no reason to hang my head low.

I am important and my life is worth living.

Giving Up Is Never An Option


Enough Is Enough

Recite Monthly:


My feelings and thoughts matter; I am no longer going to sit back and allow others to silence my voice. I am going to speak up, stand up and be heard. I will not need to raise my voice because the power of influence and persuasion is a craft I have mastered.

Enough is enough and my life and my dreams matter. I am finished sacrificing for others who continue to make the same mistakes and poor choices. If they are not demonstrating through their actions a renewal of their mind I will no longer put their needs ahead of my own.

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I Am Ready To Feel Better


I am ready to experience true happiness in my life and I am open to new ways to manage my feelings. I want control over my depression and I am willing to learn new ways to overcome my thoughts.

Giving Up Is Never An Option

Put Myself First

I have decided to put myself first. I am therefore putting everyone on notice. I will become more assertive in my decision making. I will make decisions based on my desires and not those of others. I will not be so accommodating when it is hardly ever reciprocated. I have given myself permission to be selfish with my time and every other aspect of my life. I realize that I must take care of myself in order to help anyone else.  The time has come for me to stop being co-dependent and strive for my independence. 

Giving Up Is Never An Option



Today I Will Focus


I cannot allow my past to dictate my future.

My past is behind me and I am hopeful that the upcoming years will be better.

I am ready to turn my life around and contribute to society.

I vow to work on my shortcomings and continue to evaluate my behavior, actions, and how I carry myself.

I am a worthy and worthwhile person and I deserve a measure of success and happiness in my life.

I am allergic to negative people and I will walk away from negativity.  

I am programming my mind to speak positive words into existence and I will surround people who exude positivity.

Giving Up Is Never An Option









I Am A Work In Progress


I will remember that I am a work in progress along this journey called life and every opportunity, challenge, setback or calamity; is meant to be a stepping stone, a life lesson, a test to pass or a chapter to share out of my testimony. I am not yet finished and I am being perfected everyday.


I will stop waiting for someone else to change to your life.
I will stop expecting something from those who lack the capacity to deliver on an empty promise.
I will stop putting off tomorrow what you can absolutely accomplish today.

I will stop running from my dreams and run to them.

I will take more risks in my life in pursuit of my dreams.

I will proclaim victory in my life over every circumstance that is holding back my purpose on the earth. 

Giving Up Is Never An Option