50 Positive thoughts to help fight depression

Here are all FIFTY nuggets in one place for your reading pleasure.

#1)- it is never too late to fulfill your purpose on this earth. Pray to God.
#2)-You have the power to overcome your current circumstances no matter what they are.
#3)- Sometimes you are your worst critic. Cut yourself some slack.
#4)- if you find the same types of situations or challenges coming up in your life. God wants you to act differently, move in a different direction or make a different decision. Pass the test; then you can move on.
#5)- Your best testimony is comprised of the small wins, the doubts you overcome and the realization that you have what it takes.
#6) You are perfect the way you are
#7) Everything you need to succeed lies on the inside of you
#8) Do not allow other people to steal your joy; take away the power they have over you.
#9) Laugh five times more than you worry and let God carry your burdens; leave them at His throne
#10) Usually people argue, fuss and fight due to their insecurity; do not participate.

#11) Stand up for those who cannot stand up for themselves
#12) If you want money to attract you; become a GIVER
#13) Stop hanging out with people who tear you down; who needs them. You need to be around those who exude positivity
#14) Do your part in every aspect of your life and watch God show up and show out.
#15) -Life is full of challenges and obstacles but it’s up to you to decide where they will land in your life.
#16) -Do not expect to have all the answers at once to fulfill your dreams- just start somewhere.
#17)-If I give my ALL; no one can expect more.
#18)-Anything worth having you must be willing to sacrifice to achieve.
#19)-If you can kneel before Almighty God, you can stand before anyone. Know your worth.
#20)- You do not need anyone to validate you; Your value was nailed to the cross.

#21) – Do not have regrets. Make it happen in your life… now.
#22) – God is waiting to bless you. Give Him permission.
#23)- The sun comes out after the rain; create your own sunshine
#24)- Stop waiting for others to say, ‘I am sorry’- tomorrow is certainly not promised
#25)- Become a mentor or big brother/ big sister; the millennials desperately need guidance and direction. They all suffer from entitlement disease.
#26)- Be your biggest cheerleader.
#27)-Never compromise your values for any type of personal gain.
#28)-Every setback, is a setup for a COMEBACK
#29)-God is working in the background to fulfill your desires; let him know you are ready to receive.
#30)-You do not always have to win; it is a sign of maturity and humility.

#31)- Say “No” and mean it without a guilt trip.
#32)- Be true to yourself and do not be swayed from your beliefs.
#33)- Look yourself in the mirror and be proud of what you see.
#34)- The minute you begin to put one step toward your goals, you are closer to success.
#35)-Never give up on your dreams and hopes; dreams fuel ingenuity; ingenuity powers hopes; and hope keeps the momentum going.
#36)-Remember that a cause is usually something bigger than ourselves, it’s not always about you.
#37)-Self-Doubt stifles growth and development
#38)-No one can be you.
#39)-Strive each day to the best YOU can be.
#40)-Do not belabor the things that are not great in your life; Think pure thoughts.

#41)-Give yourself more credit for what is going well; it’s is likely less than you realize
#42) -You are equipped to bring about whatever change needs to happen in your life.
#43) Tell someone you appreciate them once per week.
#44)-Never underestimate your ability.
#45)-Keep moving forward no matter what you believe the forecast.
#46)-Be prepared to fight any battle successfully,
#47)-You are greater than your biggest fear; go conquer it.
#48)-You only have one life to live; Give it all you have.
#49)-Make choices and decisions that represent YOUR best interest; people seemingly expect to much of you; but would not do half of what you do for them.
#50)-Love yourself. You are enough, worthy, significant, valued, and your life above all is the most important one to safeguard and live to it fullest.

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