October 2011
Thought for the Month:

 You can rise above your circumstances through persistent prayer and faith. Seek God.
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Depression can be overwhelming and feel as though there is no happiness in sight, but there are millions managing their depression everyday. You can find resources, thoughts, testimony and more. Let's conquer depression one person at a time. Click on the link
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Oct 2, 2011

Do you feel helpless at times?
by: TCT

Everyone feels helpless at some point in their lives. Take for instance a loved one who is involved in an accident and they are clinging to life. You are sure to feel helpless. How about when your child wants to be a cheerleader and they are so disappointed when they do not make the team? All the comforting words in the world do not seem to matter. Perhaps,  a good friend is passed over once again for a promotion they were sure to get. All of these situations can make you feel helpless.

 It is not exactly the same for someone who suffers from depression because the helpless feeling is usually constant and persistent. A depressed person  feels  empty and struggles to find purpose and direction in their lives. 
  They are challenged daily to focus on the areas of their life where they have more control and they often dig deep to find a way to pull themselves out of the helpless feelings.

 Give yourself a time frame in which to feel helpless; Five, twenty-five, forty-five or sixty minutes. Sometimes it make take a day or days to pull yourself out. But, after this time has passed refocus your brain on a time when you felt good about yourself and the world around you. Concentrate on what brings you joy and inner peace and meditate on these things. You are your greatest asset. You can turn your situation around by taking action in a few areas of your life . If you do not like something, change it.

Be your biggest cheerleader, toot your
 own horn and dance to your own music. 
 Take inventory and rid yourself of the 
negative  people in your life. The ones who 
bring down, the ones who share your misery 
and  pain rather  than encourage you to
 think positively.  You possess the inner
 power and  strength to overcome the
 obstacles in your life. Take Charge. 
 What will  you do this week to pull
 yourself out of the helplessness?

September 2011
Thought for the Month:

You have the power within you to conquer and overcome the obstacles in your life. Have Courage. 
August 2011
Thought for the Month:

I will stop putting the needs, wants, and desires of others before my own. My needs are valuable and
 just as important.
July 2011
Thought for the Month:

I will never realize how different my life can be until I make choices that
represent my best interest
and well being.

June 2011
Thought for the Month:

I will evaluate my life and start
to weed out those people that
bring me down.
Sept 15, 2011

by: TCT

I imagine one day being free of this treacherous disease known as depression. I can imagine feeling full of energy and carefree without being depressed. I can imagine not feeling bogged down and needing to figure out how to make it through the day, the hour, the second and the next moment.

I would not feel the daily struggle to push myself to smile when I feel like crying, to be awake when I feel like sleeping, to talk when I really want to remain silent, to eat when I would rather not, to participate when I would rather put my head down on the table, to say I am "ok" when I am really hurting inside, to put on that game face when I would rather stand by the sidelines, to go to work when I would rather stay home.

I long for the opportunity to come into my own and have as close to complete control of my life, as I possibly can. Depression drives my decisions, thoughts, actions and choices. I would rather be able to make decisions independently of my mood. I desire to facilitate world change on a grand scale and help others reach heights they never dreamed would come true. I want to make a significant difference in the world and impact thousands of lives.

I have made a difference in lives while suffering with depression but I know I can reach more people without this burden called depression. Is it possible this diagnosis of depression is the frame of mind I need to catapult my dreams into reality?