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by You Are Worth It on 09/28/14

I will keep pursuing healing and restoration.
I will continue believing I am an overcomer.
I will continue to stand on the word of God.
I will continue to fight depression even if it means doing it for someone else.
I will stand until I no longer feel I can.
I will seek help until I have tried all of the possibilities.
I will think about my love ones and keep trying for them.
I will think about all the places I want to see and the adventures I want to pursue.
I will remember there are people in this world who are worse off than myself.
I will remember there is a special plan designed for my life.


by You Are Worth It on 09/25/14

I imagine one day being free of this treacherous disease known as depression. I can imagine feeling full of energy and carefree without being depressed. I can imagine not feeling bogged down and needing to figure out how to make it through the day, the hour, the second and the next moment.

I would not feel the daily struggle to push myself to smile when I feel like crying, to be awake when I feel like sleeping, to talk when I really want to remain silent, to eat when I would rather not, to participate when I would rather put my head down on the table, to say I am "ok" when I am really hurting inside, to put on that game face when I would rather stand by the sidelines, to go to work when I would rather stay home.
I long for the opportunity to come into my own and have as close to complete control of my life, as I possibly can. Depression drives my decisions, thoughts, actions and choices. I would rather be able to make decisions independently of my mood. I desire to facilitate world change on a grand scale and help others reach heights they never dreamed would come true. I want to make a significant difference in the world and impact thousands of lives.

I have made a difference in lives while suffering with depression but I know I can reach more people without this burden called depression. Is it possible this diagnosis of depression is the frame of mind I need to catapult my dreams into reality?


by You Are Worth It on 09/25/14

The sun will always rise no matter what storms of life you encounter.
The sun will always rise even though you feel rain is always a part of your forecast.
The sun will always rise after the morning of your darkest day.
The sun will always rise when you feel such despair.
The sun will always rise and turn your sorrow to joy.
The sun will always rise to brighten your tomorrow.
The sun will always rise to shine light on the dark existence.
The sun will always  rise to remind you there is a new day with new mercies from God.
The sun will always rise to help you forget yesterday.
The sun will always rise to encourage you not to give up


by You Are Worth It on 09/25/14

Depression is an emotional condition that causes its sufferers to feel like they are on a roller coaster. It is hard to explain how one moment you feel fine and the next a stream of tears are running down your face. There are so many factors that come into play on a daily basis that affect mood. Sometimes it is pondering the things you feel depression kept you from doing, other times its feeling that all of the strength you have to muster in order to achieve something is too much work.

Every single day making yourself do something, every single day not feeling like doing anything, but knowing you have no choice.  It feels like such a burden that is far too hard and way too heavy to carry.  This is why on some days you just cannot do it.  It is "ok" to cry because you inevitably will, however you cannot allow yourself to fall deep into the dark place depression puts you in.

Crying actually acts as a catharsis and you may even feel better afterward. But, you cannot allow yourself to stay in that place.  Depression has a catastrophic effect on lives and it is one of the hardest conditions to tolerate and live with.
Some do not survive depression and it takes their life, others are hospitalized
and placed under a doctors care, still others find ways to cope and push through.

It is not always easy to push through and sometimes you fall short, but having a plan of action with your loved ones will help immensely and is crucial.  Who will you call when your depression is turning into suicidal ideation? What are the warnings signs? If you are crying inconsolably you may need to execute your safety plan.  Do you have a safety plan?


by You Are Worth It on 09/21/14

 Oh GOD, I pray, Be with me everyday to remind me of your unconditional love that comes from above; strengthen and encourage me day to day and allow me to defeat depression someday LORD, I know you said, You will give me the strength to lift any burden I must carry; I just ask you to heal me and not tarry. I lay my burdens at your throne and ask that you remind me, that I am NEVER ALONE. Finally LORD, I thank you for new mercies everyday and I humble myself to your WILL to guide my way and light my path.



by You Are Worth It on 09/18/14

Everything you need to succeed lies within you. You are capable of achieving the desires of your heart and your needs are important. You have the power to change your circumstances and begin anew. Reflect on what is positive in your life and change the negative thinking. Everyone has something to offer to the world and the time has come for you to claim your destiny. God loves you and is waiting to hear from you, lay your burdens at his feet and be healed. If you feel you are being tested it is likely to become your biggest testimony. Please do not give up you are closer to a breakthrough than you think. It is ok to cry, you are human, flawed and far from perfect. Do not wallow for too long because your latter will be your greater.  I know life has not been easy and giving up on yourself or your situation seems to be the best solution.  This is only a negative thought you have heard in your mind over and over again. Do not believe it.  Focus on something that brings you joy and happiness.  You are much stronger than you believe. You have more courage and wherewithal than you believe. Your coping skills are better than you think.  You have more going for you than you believe.  You must find a way to pull yourself up and out of the quicksand because there is someone waiting to hear your testimony to save their life. There is someone waiting to be encouraged by you. There is someone who is waiting for your triumph.  There is someone waiting for your survival and success.  You have the power and you are equipped with everything you need to overcome your circumstances.


by You Are Worth It on 09/16/14

This is a very difficult subject to discuss. However, I want to shed light on the issue because I know so many people try to understand why their loved ones would commit such an act perceived to be, "SELFISH." I am able to speak on this topic because I have suffered from clinical depression for most of my adult life. If I had to answer the question about why I became depressed I would say the single event I believe contributed the most; the sudden divorce of my parents. It has taken years to arrive at that conclusion but it's all makes sense now. I was a freshmen in college and it was devastating. I consider myself to be a resident expert on the reason people kill themselves because I believe that 95% of people who suffer from depression have thought about ending their lives. A depressed person who take psychotropic drugs has the means to end their life by simply taking an overdose and the truth is, if someone really wants to die by way of suicide there is not much anyone can do unless you catch them in enough time to save them.

Let me say this, in most cases the successful person in committing suicide is not trying to hurt anyone; they are trying to end their pain. At the moment they decide to pull the trigger, hang themselves,jump off a bridge, take an overdose, step off the curb into oncoming traffic, or sit in the garage with the car running. During that time and space, during that precise moment they believe there is absolutely nothing to live for and life is too painful. Death is bearable. This feeling of hopelessness may only last for a split second but... That is when they jump, or pull the trigger, or take the overdoes, or step off the curb, or put the noose around their neck, or start the car engine; for that second they could not continue on. They never lived to realize the next moment, or hour, or day or week would be better. Some may have killed themselves accidentally. Most importantly know, it was most likely not about you, or because of you. 

Depression is a debilitating disease that affects millions of people every single moment of every single day. People who are depressed do not want to be this way.. They feel as though they are a burden when they are feeling down and that is why they isolate themselves, stop communicating and try on their own volition to pull themselves out. You should know the warning signs but there may not be any. The best help you do for a depressed person is to check on they through a phone call, text, email or face to face visit. Just don't ignore them. Let them know you care and have thought about how they are doing. You can also encourage them to exercise, get at least fifteen minutes per day of sunshine, listen to upbeat music,keep a journal and set at least two attainable goals per day. They could even plan the goals out in advance and put them on their calendar so when the day comes when they don't feel like thinking of a goal they can just check their calendar. Most of all, PRAY FOR THE DEPRESSED EACH AND EVERY DAY.


by You Are Worth It on 09/13/14

It took me a long time to accept that I suffered from depression. I considered myself to be strong, confident, resilient and full of positive self-esteem. It is true, all of the adjectives describe me but I do suffer from depression. I thought if I admitted I was depressed it somehow meant I was weak. I could not accept that I was unable to help myself. I felt talk therapy or medication was for those who could not function and since I was working, attending college and taking care of my personal needs I was high functioning.

I suffered for so long, telling friends I would attend their events knowing that I probably would find an excuse not to attend or conveniently not feel well. I was not living I was sleeping long hours, suffering with headaches and exhaustion all because I could not accept the help that millions of depression sufferers receive every day across the country. In addition, admitting or accepting help for depression had a cultural stigma and is highly untreated within my race. I began to read about depression and quickly learned it can be hereditary and was likely to be a chemical imbalance in the brain.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with me and there is absolutely nothing wrong with you. I happen to take medication to help cope with depression and I have acquired others ways to deal with this daily disease. There is nothing wrong with getting help, please do not wait years the way I did. You deserve to live life to its fullest because tomorrow is not promised to anyone. Do you think something is wrong with you because you may suffer from depression?


by You Are Worth It on 09/12/14

The painful reality about living with depression is that you feel all alone. Even though you know people care about you, in the middle of the night when everyone is asleep and you cannot sleep, the reality sets in.  If you believe in God, its just you and God.  If you do not, its just you. 

Depression is a daily struggle and seldom are there two days alike.  Some of the thoughts that enter the mind of a depressed person, can vary in range. Many are assumptions about others, about their situation or just random thoughts. The depressed person makes assumptions that are most likely not true; and often times their feelings support the untruths. They feel alone most of the time because except for 1-3 friends no really understands what they are going through and most will not take the time. For the most part they conceal the fact they suffer with depression and probably only ONE PERSON in their life knows when to be extremely concerned if they have talked about their death and their pain is palpable.

The depression sufferers get tired of being depressed and taking their medication. The medication has side effects that range from headaches to upset stomach and/or dizziness.  It all just seems so worthless and useless. But if you love them do not give up on them; it will hurt them deeply.

They are not asking you to be their therapist. They just need to know you care, are concerned and take this disease seriously. They already feel as though they are a burden to everyone. They keep their feelings locked inside because they don't want to push anyone away. Being rejected drives a stake right through their heart and sets off a series of unhealthy thoughts that deepens their depression even more. Depression is a debilitating disease with ripple effects that are spread far and wide.

If you know someone who is depressed check on them, even if its a simple text message, an email or e-card, but most of all help them feel they are not alone.


by You Are Worth It on 09/11/14

I have found that many people suffer from depression because of their circumstances. Perhaps, a failing marriage has you down, or a child you cannot seem to turn around, a prayer you think will never be answered or a circumstance you cannot ever see changing. The time has come for you to take bold and new action.

Make a list of the pros and cons and search your heart of hearts to determine what your next step should be. I believe that prayer does change things and often times if you take the leap of faith, God will meet you at your greatest point of need. Do not try to figure out every step, turn, roadblock or possibility.

Instead, take it one step at a time and you will eventually build momentum realizing the hardest part was taking the first step. Change is hard but, new found peace is worth the effort. In most cases, only you can change the circumstances because you cannot control how another person acts, reacts, or makes decisions. You do not want regrets in your life, "If only I did this","If only I said that." Life is too short, stop beating yourself up. God has a purpose for each one of our lives and we have the responsiblity to seek our purpose and fulfill our destiny. There are people waiting on you to find your purpose so you can make a difference in their lives. Its not always just about you!!

What will you do to change your circumstances and begin walking in your purpose?

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