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Break Your Depression

You can break your depression and start living better. Depression is a debilitating disease that millions of sufferers fight to overcome. Here I share my personal experiences living with depression in an effort to manage my symptoms more effectively and help others in the same situation. It has become a, "life line' and brings me joy. My hope and prayer is this blog will bless and encourage you to never give up. I truly believe the contents of this website and the posts will help you better relate to your current situation and begin to make decisions that will catapult your life to next level. I have suffered from depression for longer than I will admit and have been treated for this debilitating condition for several years. I was anti-social and although I was able to maintain my employment, I was not "happy". Some days I felt somewhat "happy" while other days I felt as though I could see no real "purpose" for my life. I was just existing from day-to-day. As I sought treatment after years of prodding from my best friend, I started taking medication and although I have improved in many ways I am still impacted by depression on a daily basis. I want to share my experiences in an effort to help someone else with a similar story. I know there are many people who need help but are afraid to seek treatment. Please take the time to subscribe to this blog for daily insight and If there is something I can do for you send me an email;


Learn To Control Your Black Dog


Pure Inspiration

Come here to receive your daily dose of encouragement; Get through your day with a positive thought or affirmation to defeat depression.

You can change your negative thoughts and feelings into positive emotional energy. Take back your life.

Real Talk

Come here to read about the life experiences of our author who fights clinical depression every day and vows to encourage others.

Learn how to change your negative thougths and emotions into a powerhouse of positivity

Amazing Videos

A picture is worth one thousand words; Come expecting to be inspired by individuals who use strategies and techniques to fight mental diseases.

Watch and be encouraged. You are never alone. One in seventeen people suffer with depression.

To Whom Much Is Given, Much is Required

"Continue to give and you shall be blessed exponentially."

Scripture To Overcome Depression


Giving Up Is Never An Option

My Tears Are Temporary

My tears are temporary because I will not allow depression to get the best of me. My tears are temporary because I am fighting to overcome my circumstances. My tears are temporary because I am expecting a breakthrough any day now. My tears are temporary because even if sadness endures for the night, joy will come in the morning. My tears are temporary because I will not always feel as though I am in a dark place. I will soon walk into a place that is illuminated with a brilliant light that shines and beams; I can feel the reflection on my face that feels warm and peaceful. My tears are temporary because I know I will come out of this stronger. I know I am a winner because I refuse to quit. I am a winner because giving up is never an option. I am a winner because there are individuals waiting on me to succeed to empower them.

Every Setback is a Setup; For a Comeback

Every time you are faced with a perceived SETBACK; fired from a job, passed over for a promotion, failing health, sad news or a disappointment. You are actually being prepared for a major breakthrough in your life. All of these circumstances are common life experiences that shape who we are. Often times,they catapult us to the next level in life, the next step on our journey, the next rung on the ladder of success. We are being SETUP for success, aligned to overcome, seasoned to shine. The sweetest COMEBACK of all time has been forecast in your future, and it is headed your way and destined to appear. We must remain steadfast, true to our purpose and relentless in our quest. Hang in there, do not give up and continue doing what you do best.

Your Latter Will Be Greater Than The Rest

Why People Kill Themselves

This is a very difficult subject to discuss. However, I want to shed light on the issue because I know so many people try to understand why their loved ones would commit such an act perceived to be, “selfish.” I am able to speak on this topic because I have suffered from clinical depression for most of my adult life.

If I had to answer the question about why I became depressed I would say the single event I believe contributed the most; the sudden divorce of my parents. It has taken years to arrive at that conclusion but it’s all makes sense now. I was a freshmen in college and it was devastating. I consider myself to be a resident expert on the reason people kill themselves because I believe that 95% of people who suffer from depression have thought about ending their lives.A depressed person who take psychotropic drugs has the means to end their life by simply taking an overdose and the truth is, if someone really wants to die by way of suicide there is not much anyone can do unless you catch them in enough time to save them.

Let me say this, in most cases the successful person in committing suicide is not trying to hurt anyone; they are trying to end their pain. At the moment they decide to pull the trigger, hang themselves,jump off a bridge, take an overdose, step off the curb into oncoming traffic, or sit in the garage with the car running. During that time and space, during that precise moment they believe there is absolutely nothing to live for and life is too painful. Death is bearable. This feeling of hopelessness may only last for a split second but… That is when they jump, or pull the trigger, or take the overdoes, or step off the curb, or put the noose around their neck, or start the car engine; for that second they could not continue on. They never lived to realize the next moment, or hour, or day or week would be better. Some may have killed themselves accidentally. Most importantly know, it was most likely not about you, or because of you.

Depression is a debilitating disease that affects millions of people every single moment of every single day. People who are depressed do not want to be this way.. They feel as though they are a burden when they are feeling down and that is why they isolate themselves, stop communicating and try on their own volition to pull themselves out. You should know the warning signs but there may not be any. The best help you do for a depressed person is to check on they through a phone call, text, email or face to face visit. Just don’t ignore them. Let them know you care and have thought about how they are doing. You can also encourage them to exercise, get at least fifteen minutes per day of sunshine, listen to upbeat music,keep a journal and set at least two attainable goals per day. They could even plan the goals out in advance and put them on their calendar so when the day comes when they don’t feel like thinking of a goal they can just check their calendar.

Do not feel sorry for people who suffer from depression, rather empathize and be committed to understanding their situation. The main thing they want from their loved ones in constant contact and reassurance they are loved and not looked down upon. Because they are in such a vulnerable state, they begin to ponder on thoughts that are not true. There mind is trying to have them believe thoughts that are not true. Most of all, do not give up on them and do not take their situation personally. They are emotionally sick and often times struggle ti understand themselves. Most of all, pray for the depressed each and every day.

"Everything You Need To Succeed Lies Within You."

A Depressed mind believes it is always alone

An individual who suffers from depression often feels they are alone. Even though they believe their life can get better; they accept their reality. Deep down on the days when others around them feel they should be, “on top of the world,” and instead they are fighting to breathe, they are truly alone in their personal pain. One of their most compassionate and loving friends, will eventually grow frustrated because they fail to see any progress in their situation. Even this person only understands to a certain degree and really cannot fathom the feeling. Times like this really hurt the depressed individual because they know their progress is hit and miss; situational and seasonal; yet their fight is unrelenting and they want to be free from depression more than anything else. Anyone who listened to the daily struggle the depressed individual endures; would not be willing to walk one day in their shoes. It feels like you must always be on your, “A” game, you must be prepared to fight when you have no wind in your sail, to overcome and push through when you are mentally and physically exhausted. Your survival depends on it, but even given that it seems to be an insurmountable battle. A great deal of being depressed is how the individual feels about circumstances, comments, and their ability to cope with day-to-day happenings. The individual who suffers from depression has the condition on their mind when they awaken in the morning and when they lay their head on their pillow at night. They really need to have their thinking reprogrammed. It is during their darkest hour, when they feel like giving up and they literally feel alone. They do not want to share with their friends how they really feel every day; because they are afraid their friendship with feel like a burden to them; they often avoid communication when they are experiencing a downward spiral. This is probably the worst time for them not to communicate because they are alone with their thoughts. If you sense this in a loved one; force the communication and help them push through the pain of feeling all alone. It is really a cry for help and just communicating a simple message may be all they need to get back in the game. GIVING UP IS NEVER AN OPTION

Helping You Understand My Plight

Helping you understand my plight would allow you to, walk in my shoes, feel what I am going through, share my pain and experience my plight. I am not seeking your sympathy but rather your understanding; I am not expecting you to fully understand what I am going through; but ask you to be willing to accept my circumstances. I want more than anything to be healed from this unforgiving disease that attempts to steal my joy every day of my life. If you try to understand my plight, you will understand I am not always late on purpose; I may say, “no” to the social events you invite me to, but my decision has nothing to do with you. Depression causes me to lose interest in friends, makes me feel like sleeping all the time and robs my energy. Some days I am able to escape the gloom, but on others I am not feeling as capable. It really can be a dark existence but as many understanding individuals I can reach out to the better my chance for survival.

You are never alone; there are so many people who care about you

"You are valued, worthy and your life is important."