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To Whom Much Is Given, Much is Required

"Continue to give and you shall be blessed exponentially."

Every Setback is a Setup; For a Comeback

Every time you are faced with a perceived SETBACK; fired from a job, passed over for a promotion, failing health, sad news or a disappointment. You are actually being prepared for a major breakthrough in your life. All of these circumstances are common life experiences that shape who we are. Often times,they catapult us to the next level in life, the next step on our journey, the next rung on the ladder of success. We are being SETUP for success, aligned to overcome, seasoned to shine. The sweetest COMEBACK of all time has been forecast in your future, and it is headed your way and destined to appear. We must remain steadfast, true to our purpose and relentless in our quest. Hang in there, do not give up and continue doing what you do best.

My Tears Are Temporary

My tears are temporary because I will not allow depression to get the best of me. My tears are temporary because I am fighting to overcome my circumstances. My tears are temporary because I am expecting a breakthrough any day now. My tears are temporary because even if sadness endures for the night, joy will come in the morning. My tears are temporary because I will not always feel as though I am in a dark place. I will soon walk into a place that is illuminated with a brilliant light that shines and beams; I can feel the reflection on my face that feels warm and peaceful. My tears are temporary because I know I will come out of this stronger. I know I am a winner because I refuse to quit. I am a winner because giving up is never an option. I am a winner because there are individuals waiting on me to succeed to empower them.

Your Latter Will Be Greater Than The Rest

"There is so much more life to live. The best is yet to come."

Scripture To Overcome Depression

Learn To Control Your Black Dog

You are never alone; there are so many people who care about you

"You are valued, worthy and your life is important."