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by You Are Worth It on 11/28/14

Most people are afraid to reveal their true feelings, expose their secrets or pour out their heart. They do not want to be placed in a compromising position because their vulnerability may portray a weakness.

Even though depression sufferers need someone to listen, a shoulder to cry or lean on they feel awkward; afraid to reveal their condition. It is extremely hurtful when someone who suffers from depression is rejected by someone with whom they confided. In many cases once the vulnerability has been exploited the trust level decreases and trust may never be gained again.

If you are in a situation where a depression sufferer confides in you their delicate condition, take it seriously and find out how they believe you can help them. Do not just start ignoring them, not returning their phone calls and stop being their friend. 

This response is devastating and damaging. Instead, weigh out what they have said in terms of being able to help them and see whether its feasible. If not, tell them what you are able to commit to doing and on what terms.  Your continued involvement is crucial to their safety plan and strategy for managing their depression. 

It is next to impossible for someone who has never experienced depression to understand the day to day struggle of a depressed person. In an effort to offer perspective imagine one of the most emotional days of your life; perhaps you were grief stricken and the news was catastrophic and you were filled with heartbreaking sadness.

You did not want to talk with anyone, eat, sleep, shower or do anything; now imagine feeling this way on five of seven days, for years. You have just had a glimpse of the pain someone with depression constantly feels. 

Depression is a debilitating disease that impacts families across the globe. Help someone you know by learning more about fighting the disease, erasing the stigmas and standing by someone in your life who is adversely affected. 

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by You Are Worth It on 11/23/14

Existing between a rock and a hard place is a dreadful spot to be in. It feels as though there is no way out and all of the ideas you have to turn things around seem to not work. Life is by no means a walk in the park. There are so many trials and tribulations that seem to permeate our existence. There are also variables that serve to impact our decision making process and also shape our thoughts and sometimes our moods. I have learned through personal experience how important it is to pick and choose the battles worth fighting.

The fact that you may chose not to respond to a certain battle, does not mean you are weak and afraid to stand up for yourself.  It means you have come to a point in your life where you are mature enough to recognize, it may be better to sit back and observe before making a decision or not act at all. It is imperative to listen to the inner voice that is trying to convince you to walk down the right path.  We often place ourselves in impossible situations that are a "lose-lose" for everyone involved. To begin to make your way out of that hard place we must be willing to take action and make some hard decisions.  These decisions are more than likely overdue. As long as you are willing to stand behind the decision once it has been made and allow the chips to fall where they may, you may just experience the biggest breakthrough of your life.

It is a widely known fact that change is difficult and often unwelcome. There is so much uncertainty and self doubt that keeps you in the "comfort zone" where it is known to be safe and secure.  The problem is we become complacent and when things start to look better we revert back to our conditioned ways.


by You Are Worth It on 11/10/14

It is the absolute truth that tomorrow is not promised to any of us. Keeping that point in mind, when will we stop wasting valuable time worrying about what in the end does not matter, spinning our wheels trying to figure people out, giving in to codependency, and leading a life (or lack there of) that makes you feel miserable at best.

 You are valuable, your time is valuable and your feelings and thoughts matter. You are on the brink of making the biggest change in your life. One that will turn the tides, offer perspective, and outweigh your darkest moments. The time has come for life-changing steps to be taken immediately. The fulfillment of God's purpose in your life is in jeopardy. You will not let God down. He is the only one who can save you and the one who matters the most. He is the only one who can secure your salvation.


by You Are Worth It on 11/10/14

I felt like giving up too many times to count but I never have. I felt as though my heart would never stop hurting but it did. I thought I would never smile again but I have. I never thought anyone would understand me but, some do.

I will endure because up to now I have not given up, my heart has stopped hurting and continued beating. I have smiled, and been understood. It may not seem like much but, it is progress. I will keep doing my best to fight the feelings of depression that keep me in such despair. I will hold on knowing my season is coming. I will keep the faith because it keeps my head above the water. I will endure because giving up is not an option and my life is worth living.


by You Are Worth It on 11/09/14

God is all knowing and omnipresent.  He knows our heart and the desires we have.  He wants all of His children to have happiness in their lives and he wants us to cast all of our cares upon Him and lay our burdens at His feet.  If we truly trust and believe Him we will not worry or stress over the troubles of this world because God is there to fight our battles. When we set out to solve our own problems we cause God to be unable to act on our behalf.

It is hard to not worry because our situation through our own eyes is not improving. The reality is, God is working things out supernaturally in the background and If He were to show us where He is taking us, we would be blown away.  God is and has the master plan for our lives and we actually prevent him from being able to operate because we believe our plan is best.  Do not be fooled God always has us on His mind and He wants us to live in perfect peace.  Allow God to operate in your life so your latter can be greater.



by You Are Worth It on 11/05/14

A breakthrough is sudden increase in knowledge and understanding. Or an important discovery that happens after trying for a long time to understand or explain something. Individuals often seek breakthroughs in their personal lives, finances, marriages and careers. There is a natural desire to make improvements that will advance our goals and give us the feeling of life success. The greatest misunderstanding is exactly where the breakthrough comes from.  Many believe that following a mentor is one way to experience a breakthrough, others believe you should just be patient and wait for a breakthrough.  Still others believe in the power of prayer and sheer faith.

Actually, a breakthrough comes from a combination of ideas mentioned above but their seems to be a critical missing piece. The individual at the center of the equation with the most influence and the biggest stakeholder is the one who is seeking the breakthrough. You are the critical piece, the common denominator, the one who influences the breakthrough.  The solution to your dilemma, the answer you are seeking and the tools to unleash the breakthrough has been on

the inside of you all the time.

You were designed by God on purpose and for a specific reason.  All of the trials and tribulations you have faced are an important part of your growth and development. No one can have your experiences, challenges, and obstacles; no one can understand your circumstances, demons, or rough patches better than you. All that you have been through has been in preparation for where you are headed.  All the unique tools you have acquired have become a part of your arsenal for a reason. Take the time to line up situations and your mind and you will be able to determine the path you should take next. I guarantee you are stronger than you think, have more wherewithal than you thought and have

more going for you than you think.

Break free from the splintered and depressed mind that is trying to convince you the breakthrough you need so desperately will never happen.  You are well equipped on the inside of you with the answers, the means, and the strength to overcome your circumstances. Your breakthrough will become your greatest testimony. You are the key ingredient in the success of your breakthrough and its ready whenever you are.

Take some time to evaluate yourself and make a decision to leave the past behind and move forward.  Everything you need to succeed lies within you!!

                           YOU ARE THE BREAKTHROUGH!!!

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by You Are Worth It on 11/01/14

A person who suffers from depression experiences various moods throughout the day, there are times when sadness just takes over and all of a sudden deep tears start to stream down.  Out of nowhere you become filled with a sad emotion that causes you enough pain that tears well up in your eyes.  You are faced with managing the feelings and figuring out how to get past this sad moment.

The reality is a depressed mind at times loses control and can become inconsolable. The trigger could be a thought, a song, a memory, a feeling of hopelessness that surfaces, a comment, a text, a phone call, a letter; or nothing at all. It is a state of depression that may not have a trigger or a catalyst. 

It can manifest on a moments notice and land on the once happy face. It can appear out of nowhere and turn a good time into an emotional catastrophe. 

Sometimes the sad state flees quickly while other times it lingers and opens the door to a dark place. Depression is a mean culprit that tries to grab hold and take up residence in your thoughts. This is why there is a daily struggle that depression tries to win. The thoughts that cross the mind are deceiving and misleading, but are also repetitive and convincing. It is for this reason the depressed must guard their heart and be careful upon whom they cast their trust.

The sad days will come but it is imperative that an armor of protection and a strong will to overcome the debilitating thoughts is prepared to fight with all of its might. Some days depression will be defeated and other days the dark cloud will get the win.

To reduce the number of sad days it is crucial that your support system knows how to help. Whether it is getting some sun, taking a walk, exercising, listening to uplifting music, or a phone call; these actions will break up the episode and get the person back on track. 

Eventually, there will be less sad days and managing the thoughts will become easier and easier. Most of all, stay focused on feeling better and getting past the pain. Have courage to continue to fight this life changing disease.


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by You Are Worth It on 10/26/14

I have decided to put myself first.  I am therefore putting everyone on notice.  I will become more assertive in my decision making. I will make decisions based on my desires and not those of others.  I will not be so accommodating when it is hardly ever reciprocated and I have given myself permission to be selfish with my time and every other aspect of my life.  Look out now!!

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by You Are Worth It on 10/22/14

Depression make you feel as thought you have, "No" options available to you.  There is a dark cloud that hovers and causes you to feel insignificant and helpless. You cannot seem to muster up the strength needed to fight this battle.

The reality is you are mainly depressed because of the expectations, problems or the behavioral impact of others; family, friends, husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend or partner. If you were to filter out the residual impact of how the issues of others affects your depressed condition; you will be amazed.

You must learn to focus your attention on the healthy aspects of your relationships and not allow others to bring you down with their insecurities and misfortune. We all have choices and we are responsible and accountable for them.

You are in a vulnerable stare and you must put your health and well being first. The options that are always available to you, are "saying no," choosing to not engage, but most of all, not making the problems of others, your problem.  

You have far more to lose because toxic people in your life could cost you everything. You only live once and tomorrow is not promised to anyone. It is hard to make the wise decision to protect you but no one else will. 

I challenge you to start making the healthy decisions that represent your best interest. The more you practice the easier it will become. You are valuable and your self worth is tremendous. 

Leave me comment on how this post affected you and what you will do differently.

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by You Are Worth It on 10/19/14

Life is full of ups and downs; good and bad times. There will be obstacles that challenge the core of who you are. Trials that cause you to question your faith and force you to make candid decisions. Man will let you down time and time again; you will doubt your abilities and convictions.

You will realize that life is not always fair, just as you were told. You will become bitter and may try to change your principles and values. However, you will quickly learn that, you can only be who you are; and you are more than enough.  

You will make it through, because you are resilient. 
You will make it through, because you are capable.
You will make it through, because you are a winner.
You will make it through, because the odds of succeeding are on your side.
You will make it through, because it is your destiny.
You will make it through,
because their are people counting on your victory.

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