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A Message From The Blog Master

Depression is a debilitating disease that millions of sufferers fight to overcome on a daily basis. I created this blog 4 years ago to share my personal experiences living with depression in an effort to manage my symptoms more effectively and help others in the same situation. It has become a, "life line' and brings me joy. My hope and prayer is this blog will bless and encourage you to never give up. I truly believe the contents of this website and the posts will help you better relate to your current situation and begin to make decisions that will catapult your life to next level. I have suffered from depression for longer than I will admit and have been treated for this debilitating condition for several years. I was anti-social and although I was able to maintain my employment, I was not "happy". Some days I felt somewhat "happy" while other days I felt as though I could see no real "purpose" for my life. I was just existing from day-to-day. As I sought treatment after years of prodding from my best friend, I started taking medication and although I have improved in many ways I am still impacted by depression on a daily basis. I want to share my experiences in an effort to help someone else with a similar story. I know there are many people who need help but are afraid to seek treatment. Please take the time to subscribe to this blog for daily insight and If there is something I can do for you send me an email;

"The Best is Yet to Come, Keep Moving Forward."

Pure Inspiration

Come here to receive your daily dose of encouragement; Get through your day with a positive thought or affirmation to defeat depression.

You can change your negative thoughts and feelings into positive emotional energy. Take back your life.

Real Talk

Come here to read about the life experiences of our author who fights clinical depression every day and vows to encourage others.

Learn how to change your negative thougths and emotions into a powerhouse of positivity

Amazing Videos

A picture is worth one thousand words; Come expecting to be inspired by individuals who use strategies and techniques to fight mental diseases.

Watch and be encouraged. You are never alone. One in seventeen people suffer with depression.

To Whom Much Is Given, Much is Required

"Continue to give and you shall be blessed exponentially."

Scripture To Overcome Depression

Learn To Control Your Black Dog

Giving Up Is Never An Option

My Tears Are Temporary

My tears are temporary because I will not allow depression to get the best of me. My tears are temporary because I am fighting to overcome my circumstances. My tears are temporary because I am expecting a breakthrough any day now. My tears are temporary because even if sadness endures for the night, joy will come in the morning. My tears are temporary because I will not always feel as though I am in a dark place. I will soon walk into a place that is illuminated with a brilliant light that shines and beams; I can feel the reflection on my face that feels warm and peaceful. My tears are temporary because I know I will come out of this stronger. I know I am a winner because I refuse to quit. I am a winner because giving up is never an option. I am a winner because there are individuals waiting on me to succeed to empower them.

Every Setback is a Setup; For a Comeback

Every time you are faced with a perceived SETBACK; fired from a job, passed over for a promotion, failing health, sad news or a disappointment. You are actually being prepared for a major breakthrough in your life. All of these circumstances are common life experiences that shape who we are. Often times,they catapult us to the next level in life, the next step on our journey, the next rung on the ladder of success. We are being SETUP for success, aligned to overcome, seasoned to shine. The sweetest COMEBACK of all time has been forecast in your future, and it is headed your way and destined to appear. We must remain steadfast, true to our purpose and relentless in our quest. Hang in there, do not give up and continue doing what you do best.

Your Latter Will Be Greater Than The Rest

Sad Days Will Come

Everyone has sad days not just those who suffer from depression. However, depressed individuals experience feelings of sadness and despair quite often. There is not always a definitive reason for the feeling it just exists. One of the biggest lessons I learned about depression is you have to come out swinging everyday to defeat this enemy. You must make a conscious effort daily to overturn the prevalent symptoms. Stay in the fight and combat this disease with your head held high and put on the full armor of God. You have what it takes to claim victory over depression. DON'T EVER GIVE UP!!

You Must Swim to Win

SINKING Sinking is struggling through the day and feeling as if you will always struggle. Sinking is like falling into a dark abyss that leads to nowhere. Sinking is like drowning in quicksand and not being able to climb out. Sinking is like free falling and not being able to engage your parachute. Sinking is never feeling caught up and always falling behind. SWIMMING Swimming is running your hardest in a race no matter what strength the competition brings. Swimming is fighting on even when the odds are stacked against you. Swimming is choosing to float even though the tides are high. Swimming is pressing on even though you have a cramp in your leg. Swimming is staying the course despite the obstacles you are facing. Swimming is refusing to give up even though you think about it so often, Swimming is defeating the thoughts that continue to sabotage your life. Are you sinking or swimming?

You are never alone; there are so many people who care about you

"You are valued, worthy and your life is important."