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by You Are Worth It on 10/26/14

I have decided to put myself first.  I am therefore putting everyone on notice.  I will become more assertive in my decision making. I will make decisions based on my desires and not those of others.  I will not be so accommodating when it is hardly ever reciprocated and I have given myself permission to be selfish with my time and every other aspect of my life.  Look out now!!

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by You Are Worth It on 10/23/14

Depression make you feel as thought you have, "No" options available to you.  There is a dark cloud that hovers and causes you to feel insignificant and helpless. You cannot seem to muster up the strength needed to fight this battle.

The reality is you are mainly depressed because of the expectations, problems or the behavioral impact of others; family, friends, husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend or partner. If you were to filter out the residual impact of how the issues of others affects your depressed condition; you will be amazed.

You must learn to focus your attention on the healthy aspects of your relationships and not allow others to bring you down with their insecurities and misfortune. We all have choices and we are responsible and accountable for them.

You are in a vulnerable stare and you must put your health and well being first. The options that are always available to you, are "saying no," choosing to not engage, but most of all, not making the problems of others, your problem.  

You have far more to lose because toxic people in your life could cost you everything. You only live once and tomorrow is not promised to anyone. It is hard to make the wise decision to protect you but no one else will. 

I challenge you to start making the healthy decisions that represent your best interest. The more you practice the easier it will become. You are valuable and your self worth is tremendous. 

Leave me comment on how this post affected you and what you will do differently.

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by You Are Worth It on 10/19/14

Life is full of ups and downs; good and bad times. There will be obstacles that challenge the core of who you are. Trials that cause you to question your faith and force you to make candid decisions. Man will let you down time and time again; you will doubt your abilities and convictions.

You will realize that life is not always fair, just as you were told. You will become bitter and may try to change your principles and values. However, you will quickly learn that, you can only be who you are; and you are more than enough.  

You will make it through, because you are resilient. 
You will make it through, because you are capable.
You will make it through, because you are a winner.
You will make it through, because the odds of succeeding are on your side.
You will make it through, because it is your destiny.
You will make it through,
because their are people counting on your victory.

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by You Are Worth It on 10/18/14

If you believe you can overcome depression and learn to manage the symptoms that rise up, you can.

If you believe there is a purpose for your life that only you can fulfill, there is. 
If you believe all of the tools of success exist inside of you, the tools are there.
If you believe others are waiting on you to lead them, their are.
If you believe that life is worth living and happiness is worth fighting for, continue to fight.
If you believe it takes courage to overcome your circumstances, have courage.
If you believe every setback, is a setup for a comeback, start planning your return.
If you believe the best is yet to come, act like it.
If you believe your latter will be greater, write down your immediate goals.
You must believe you are an overcomer and someone who can win against all odds, fight to overcome their circumstances and rise to plan the comeback.

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by You Are Worth It on 10/18/14

I must do what is best for me.

I must put my feelings first.
I must say "NO" when it's the right answer.
I must speak up when it is warranted.
I must refrain from speaking when nothing should be said.
I will begin to make better life choices.


by You Are Worth It on 10/14/14

As the holiday season approaches quickly and another year is drawing to a close start thinking now about how you will escape the, "HOLIDAY BLUES," Do not let this holiday season turn out like all of the others.  You were depressed because the year was ending.  You looked back and you feel as though you did not accomplish much and it was not a good year for you.  First and foremost, celebrate the fact you made it through another year vertically.  Second, stop letting others beat you up about the things they felt you did not accomplish; and please do not throw yourself a pity party.

Decide right now, you are going to ENJOY the holiday season, (Whatever that looks like for you) and not be depressed. Decide right now, not to spend money you do not have.  Decide right now, that family members must make gifts by hand and not buy them, Decide right now, you are going to volunteer at a homeless shelter or soup kitchen. Decide right now, this holiday season will be better than last year.  You are in charge of the outcome. Decide now, not to be BLUE.


by You Are Worth It on 10/10/14

Laughter is a great way to get out of a depressed mood. Reflect back on a funny movie you laughed repeatedly about and keep a copy in your home. Pull it out whenever you are depressed and watch the movie. If there is a song, or a person, or a place that makes you laugh and brings a smile to your face; listen to the song, call the person or go to the place that brings you joy. 

Anyone who suffers from depression must have an arsenal of ways they cope with and get out of episodes of depression.  Get to know what triggers the depression and keep track of the season, or occasion, the time frame or conversation. You must proactively fight your depression if you are to decrease the episodes of depression or ultimately resolve the depression all together. 

Learn to laugh more and not take things so seriously, learn which battles are worth fighting and identify those you should roll off your back.  Remember you cannot control the actions or behavior of others but you can control how your respond and the impact.

You are far stronger than you think and if the steps you take are baby steps, do not frown at the progress. Progress is progress.  Keep your head up and laugh your depression away.  What did you laugh about today?


by You Are Worth It on 10/10/14

Many people become depressed because a tragedy, illness or traumatic experience causes them unbearable pain. We all deal with crisis in different ways and often times the pain seems endless. Despite all attempts to pull ourselves out of the darkness we fall short, and we feel empty.

It feels as though life will continue to pass us by and our chance to feel "normal" will never come. We have "good days" and "bad days" and times we just cannot do it. It is during these times we must search deep in the recesses of our mind to find a reason to keep going.

I had to adopt this philosophy and simple mindset. "I can never give up and quitting or giving in, is never an option." Adopt this simple mindset and I assure you it is impossible to give up. You must always find a way to push yourself on. It will be during what may seem like your darkest hour,  that God will make your finest moment.

The pain will seep in every now and then, but you can only allow yourself to mourn briefly. It is OK to cry, shout out and have a pity party but once your allotted time is up, you must defeat that feeling of despair. You decide how long you will let yourself feel down and out. I only allow myself 15-60 minutes and once the time is up I am required to move on and do something productive. I encourage you to tackle one mini assignment per day no matter how you are feeling. At the end of the day, I remind myself what I did positive and it makes me feel good.

I remember attending a gathering to celebrate a special young lady preparing to leave for graduate school. I knew it would mean a lot to her if I showed up and I really enjoyed myself. Sometimes we have to put our feelings aside to be there for someone else.

Pain is a part of life but you must adopt an action plan to remind yourself you are not a victim of depression. You are someone who suffers from depression but it does not define who you, are or what you can become.

You are bigger than your pain and you must fight your way through to the healing. The pain will feel heartbreaking at times but you must not dwell on the pain but rather the happy times, the special people and the laughter in your life that has brought you this far. You are not alone. Have courage.


by You Are Worth It on 10/10/14

I spoke with a friend today and she shared her thoughts about this blog. She mentioned all the suggestions, affirmations, and advice were good but then said, "What about the days when people who are depressed feel like crap? I thought for a moment she is absolutely right.

There are days when I do not feel like doing anything. I am not motivated, usually do not feel like showering, have a loss of appetite and no interest in anything. I have decided to share candid examples of my "down days" so you have a taste of what my experience is like.

I will go back in time now and share a few of those times. For me, when I am not busy working, or I have time to think my mind wanders to a place where I start to recall many situations I wish were different. I am reminded of the poor decisions I have made.

I begin to lose sight of ALL the things I have done right, my vast array of accomplishments, my giving spirit, charisma, unfaltering optimism and born leader instinct.

It seems when I am experiencing an episode of depression I forget about all the qualities my friends mention and the stories I have heard about touching someone's life, making a difference or inspiring them to fulfill their God given purpose. We can be our worst critic and greatest barrier to success.

Let's take a challenge together. I want you to write down in bold print at least ten positive qualities, achievements or adjectives describing your strengths. Make a poster if you want and display this list prominently in your home. On the day(s) you feel like crap I want you to refer to this list in remembrance of all your strengths and then try with all of your might to pull yourself out of that dark place.

Call a friend and ask them to tell you something positive about yourself. Do something that brings you joy and comfort. Take a walk or watch the sunrise or sunset.

Depressed people are not the only ones who have crappy days. Perhaps, ours days last longer but we all the power within us to find a way to smile and get past the pain.

I enjoy writing these entries and it is helping me to not only express myself but be able to pinpoint my mood changes or stressors in an effort to come up with new ways to manage my depression.

You are never alone. There are people who care. I care and truly understand the reality of being depressed and not knowing why.

We we are among millions of people who live with depression daily. Please do not be among those who are not being treated. You owe it to yourself to have the answers that explain how you are feeling and what can be done to get you on the road to feeling better. Do not give up on yourself I will not. Most importantly, God will not. Will you call today and start your depression treatment?


by You Are Worth It on 10/08/14

You are unique and special in your own way. All of us have special gifts that are significant to our lives, our personalities and what GOD has in store for us. Depression is a burden to bear and its a daily struggle; just remember that whatever God asks you to carry, he gives you the GRACE to lift. We are so much more than we think, so much stronger, wiser and equipped for our circumstances. ALL THAT YOU NEED TO SURVIVE HAS ALWAYS BEEN ON THE INSIDE OF YOU.

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